Welcome to PLTW-Design and Modeling!
Homework for the week:

-be ready to present if you didn't already





Interested in joining a robotics team? Check out this link. http://www.pwnagerobotics.com/#who-we-are

"The FIRST® Robotics Competition: Every student can actively participate in and benefit from the FIRST Robotic Competition (FRC®), even those who may not be partial to science, math, or techonology. In FIRST, there are critical roles for students in everything from design and build, to computer programming and animation, as well as to fundraising, research, community outreach, marketing, photography, video production and web design. Throughout the FRC experience, students gain maturity, build self-confidence, learn teamwork, and gain an understanding of professionalism. They learn skills along the way that all but guarantee them extraordinary career opportunities in a host of exciting fields: Language Arts (writing, public speaking, desktop publishing), Business (marketing, public relations, fundraising, community outreach), Art and Design (photography, videography, digital animation, digital design), Finance (accounting), Computer Science (programming, software development, 3D animation), Math, Science, Fabrication (woodworking, metalworking), Engineering and Design (electrical, mechanical, CAD), and Mentorship (working side-by-side with professionals)."

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