Thanks for your interest in the HD Jacobs Tutoring Center!
See below for who's who in the TC...
TC Coordinators:
Hours 4, 5, 9: Jenna.Moller@d300.org
Hours 6, 7, 8: Kellie.Gaspers@d300.org
Math Resource Teachers:
1st Hour: Mr. Christian
2nd Hour: Mrs. Schlimgen
3rd Hour: Mr. Depa
4th Hour: Mrs. Kirchmeyer
5th Hour: Ms. Dwyer
6th Hour: Ms. Tuma
7th Hour: Mr. Petrosky
8th Hour: Mr. Lepkowski
9th Hour: Ms. Gannon

Tutor Center Goals:
  • To become an essential part of the academic community.
  • To foster and celebrate the academic successes of students.
  • To communicate openly with faculty regarding the status and progress of students.
  • To facilitate the development of academic relationships within the school community.
  • To provide a positive, inviting academic environment that students can use for a variety of tasks and purposes.

Spring 2018