The Colonial Diary

Reaching the Limit! Philadelphia, the New City, is a Soaring Success!

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By Melissa G.

After the settlement of Pennsylvania, William Penn (picture on the right) builds Philadelphia, the first and biggest city in our colonies. The city is off to a great start! First of all, Philadelphia is built where the Schuyill and the Delaware Rivers meet, which makes it the perfect place to trade and sell things.  Also, in Philadelphia, citizens can vote people to the Pennsylvania Assembly where they create and abolish laws. This gives the people more power. Also, very recently, Penn made a couple of treaties with the Lenni Lenape, so our capitol city is sure that you’re safe from Indians. Philadelphia also is home to a remarkable man who goes by the name of Benjamin Franklin. He has created many inventions, which makes Philadelphia the most up to date city in the colonies. Some of these inventions are the battery, the odometer, the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Pennsylvanian stove. He has started a firehouse, a hospital, a post office, a library and other useful utilities. He also bought his own printing shop and has published his own book of sayings called Poor Richard’s Almanac. Philadelphia is also full of opportunities for apprentices, artisans, and laborers. Also, no matter what religion you are, all Christians can live together in Pennsylvania. As you can see, Philadelphia is reaching the limit! 

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Stop Slavery!

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By Thanasi V.

Here in Virginia, slavery has been going on for years. In Virginia we have wanted to stop slavery years back but they just wont seem to listen. Here we are protesting and they just don’t get it they are harming instant people to do their work and to me that is just cruel to those people working their Saturday of what’s supposed to be free time but they ar
e working in the farms’. I am pretty sure if we had a vote for stopping slavery. Stopping Slavery would win buy a mile. Also these people have been suffering in a dirty boat. They should at least ask them if they want to do it not to just barge in and take parents and kids to do their work. Oh come on their goes another slave running for his life with a humongous metal ball stalling him from going far. That is why I am here and that is to stop slavery because these people are suffering from too much work at a very young age and to make them happy they might as well have a memorable time of there live we are here to make that happen for them. so come on with me and let’s stop slavery together!!!!

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