RMS 6th Grade Team

Students of the Month:

September: Julia and Nate
October: Kayden Kannheiser and Adam Kemp
November: Zoey Tabor and Zack Patterson
December: Jacob Andrist and Reagan  
January: Maddox Ramos and Acelyn Hudson
February:Grant Messer and Margaux DaCosta
 Student Quarterly Awards

 1st Quarter
Overall Achievement - Marlen Hueramo and Rylen Ramos
Citizenship - Anjelique Grana and Devansh Patel
Best Effort - Allica Wellington and William Drobick
2nd Quarter
Overall Achievement
- Josephine Lundquist and Braden Alfano

Citizenship - Mandy Ferrari and Carlos Morales

Best Effort - Kelsey Rachas and Zack Patterson

Please check the description for each teacher's assignment by class period.
Mrs. Johnson's CS and Lit homework is posted on her page. Click on her link in the left hand column.
Teachers may post PDF forms of worksheets under their names. Click on "More Details" and look for "attachments".

Homework Calendar: 6th Grade