Year 2017-2018

Team Information and Award Winners:


Make sure you and your student are checking the online grades.  The grades should be updated every Wednesday.  If a problem is noticed with the absence of grades or grade changes, please notify the teacher.  

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over Our Schools.
  3. Hover over Rochelle Middle School.
  4. Click SM Pass.
  5. Enter Student ID in both the Student ID and Pin sections.
  6. Click Schedule/Progress.   (Refresh if necessary for current grades.)

7th Grade Late Work Policy:  Any work assigned between the beginning of a quarter to mid-quarter that is not turned in by the assigned due date may be turned in prior to the mid-quarter date.  Late work will receive a 30% deduction off of the total percentage earned.

Any work assigned between the mid-quarter date and the end of the quarter that is not turned in on time must be turned in by the end of that quarter to receive credit.  Late work will receive a 30% deduction off of the total percentage earned.