Class Material


    Section 5 - Facial Injuries [must cover info on BOTH pages]
        Note: section 10 - present only CHEMICAL EMERGENCY, HEAT WAVE, TERRORISM, AND WINTER STORM


Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

Avoiding Teen Drug Abuse

Drug Unit film assignment [extra credit item]

Meth Assignment [extra credit item]

Stress: Effects on your body, feelings and behavior

Stress: Constant stress puts your health at risk

Assignment: Nutrition; Social & Environmental Impact of Fast Food Consumption. Film "Fast Food Nation" [extra credit item]

Assignment:Social-Familial & Emotional Health. Film "Thirteen" [extra credit item]

Assignment:Social-Familial & Emotional Health. Film "Good Will Hunting" [extra credit item]

Skin Cancer Info.

Cancer Assignment

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Banned Foods in the USA

Possible Super Foods?

Foods with Calcium

5 Foods with Calcium, non-dairy

Nutrition Study Guide

USA Foods; who controls what we put into our mouths?

Heart - blood flow

Sex Ed Resource


"Miracle of Life"

Progesterone in men

Adolescent HIV - CDC

HIV & STI testing

Sexually Transmitted Infections

STI's message from WHO

Communicable Diseases

Immune Response

Immune System Video Tutorial

Environmental Health - "the story of stuff"

Death & Dying

Bodily Toxins