FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Wi-Fi specifications?
- We support the IEEE 802.11ac networking standard with multi-user MIMO technology. When you are ready to connect please consult the How To Connect page for details.

Where and when can I use the Wi-Fi?
- There is wireless coverage throughout the buildings and in some outdoor areas. The service is available 24/7.  Please be advised that access and use of the wireless network is monitored at all times.  NEVER share your password with others.

I see several Wi-Fi networks. Which one is for me?
- District 219 has Wi-Fi networks designed for different needs. They are:
* NTHS-STUDENT - for all students at D219. 
* NTHS-STAFF - for staff, faculty and other D219 employees - requires AD account.
NTHS-GUEST - for D219 guests (i.e. visitors, parents, etc).

Is it safe?
- No data transmission is 100%  safe. 
Wireless users should be aware that data traveling through the wireless network is not as secure as data traveling through a wired network. On that same note, please remember that your habits while surfing the net and how well you preserve your private information are just as important for your safety.

I may need help. Where do I go?
- Head to the AAL Help Desk  (Rm.1015 at North;  Rm.2150 at West). We'll be happy to assist you at any time during our business hours. Please visit the AAL Help Desk website for details.

OK, I'm ready to connect!
-Great! The How To Connect page has details on getting started.