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Mr. Tichy is available in the mornings from 6-8:00 for early bird help. Students may use to do homework, get test help, and or serve detentions.Over the years, many of our students have taken advantage of this additional resource period! I am also available 1st,3rd,4th, and 8th period by appointment only. 

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Opening Social Studies Assignment

How do I study history?
As you read your textbook, you will be given help in sorting out all the information you encounter. This textbook organizes the events of your nations past and present around ten themes. A theme is a concept, or main idea that happens again and again throughout history. By recognizing these themes, you will better understand events of the past and how they affect you today!

Culture and Traditions
Continuity and Change
Geography and History
Individual Action
Groups and Institutions
Government and Democracy
Science and Technology
Economic Factors
Global Connections
Civic Rights and Responsibilities