Curriculum Resources

PER Resources

Five Easy Lessons - Randall Knight - strategies for effective instruction (Amazon)

Sensemaking TIPERS for Introductory Physics - more tasks, originally geared towards the high school population, but also for the college introductory course. (Amazon)

Ranking Tasks - a collection of a ranking tasks for students of all levels of physics    

E&M TIPERs - Tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research; a collection of ranking tasks, working backwards tasks, qualitative reasoning tasks, etc.  all related to electricity and magnetism

Newtonian TIPERs - more tasks, this time related to mechanics

Peer Instruction - Eric Mazur: a method for interactive engagement and student discussion.  

Teaching Introductory Physics - Arnold Arons - a classic with a good discussion of misconceptions and some good conceptual homework problems.

Complete Curricula/Programs

Modeling Instruction -  A PER-based program for high school physics classes; highly effective (AMTA)

Activity-Based Physics Suite - A collection of lab-based curricula focused on learning by doing; higher tech, computer -based data collection

ISLE Physics - strategies to empower students to learn and discover physics for themselves rather than through lecture

Physics By Inquiry - U Washington PER Group - A series of modules designed to help students learn by doing. 

Tutorials In Introductory Physics - U Washington PER Group - Designed to supplement the lectures and labs in an introductory physics course at the college level

On-Line Textbooks

Open Stax - free college Physics book (Algebra-based)

Craig Fletcher On-line Physics C book - a series of PDF files which together are a great, free, on-line text. 
    Volume I        Volume II

Fletcher Conceptual Manual - A source of conceptual questions for many topics of physics

PER Assessments

Normalized (Hake) Gain - a measure of the effectiveness of an instructional program based on pre- and post-test scores

Instructional Strategies