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    Student Information / Web Links Student Info Web Links Landing page for student resource links. 
    Individual Learning Plan (ILP) ILP - (login/pass required) Includes test scores, 4 year plan and individualized goals. 
    Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) PIV - (login/pass required) Track student grades, attendance, and assignment info. 
    On-Line Chemistry Book Your on-line textbook and resources 
    APES Review Wiki A wiki review site I started to begin compiling helpful information for the AP Exam and Final Exams for both 1st and 2nd semester. 
    Acids and Bases Interactive Activity In-class Acids and Bases Activity for 10/4 
    Balancing Equations On-Line Help Take this quiz at each level to see how well you are doing! 
    Balancing Practice number 2! Do this after the first website! 
    Chemistry Tutor This is an excellent site to get some help on the topics you struggle with! 
    Chemistry Videos Instructional Videos for all Chemistry Content  
    ACT Practice An on-line practice exam from the ACT test writers! 
    Wind Farm  
    Teacher's Domain  
    Biodiesel Lessons from LUC  
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