Spn Intro 3-4 Course Policy



                                                                              Sra. Karimighovanloo, Spanish  3-4 Intro1/2011-2012


Daily attendance is required for optimal progress. Students are responsible for all work missed during their absence.

When students are absent for three or more consecutive days, parents can call the instructor (847.626.2651) to report on their child's condition and to secure assignments.

No make up work will be accepted for unexcused absences.

TARDINESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  After two tardies students will be referred to the Dean for disciplinary action.  Students should be in their assigned seats by the time the bell begins to ring.  This does not mean coming through the door while the bell is ringing.


By Wednesday, August 31st, students will have a pocket folder in which they will keep all handouts given in class.  In addition, students are required to have colored index cards (2 packs), colored pencils/crayons and a spiral notebook, in which they will take notes.  Students are required to bring textbooks, workbooks, handouts and writing implements to class daily.  If a student comes to class without any of these materials s/he will lose 5 points from his/her preparation grade.


You will have both reading and writing assignments. They are a required part of the course. Assignments will be checked and you may be given a quiz on any assignment to verify that you have studied the material.

Make up homework: In the case of an absence, 5 points will be deducted from the student’s preparation grade.  It is the student’s responsibility to show the missed assignment to the teacher in order to recover the daily 5 points deducted.  All homework must be made up the day after returning from absence.  No make-up homework will be accepted for an unexcused absence.


Mutual respect for all is expected.

Follow directions the FIRST TIME they are given.

Raise your hand and wait to be recognized BEFORE talking.


If a student causes disruption, the teacher may:

                (a) call the parents.

                (b) remove student from the classroom by sending him/her to

                      the dean or Resource Center.

                (c) assign student appropriate detentions.

When the bell rings at the beginning of class, students are expected to

                (a) be seated in assigned seat.

                (b) have materials ready.

                (c) be quiet and attentive, waiting for the teacher to start class.

                (d) Do not chew gum in class.

Please do not touch computers, A-V equipment, windows, light switches, radiators, anything on/in the teacher's desk without permission.


Oral participation is an integral component of this course. Students will be called upon to speak every day. The quality of a student's participation reflects daily study and continual practice. Chewing gum diminishes student’s pronunciation.

Participation grades are based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality and frequency of response

  2. Ability to speak the language at increasingly higher levels of   

      competency as the year progresses.  

  3. Pronunciation and overall effort to cooperate with the goals of the



It is the responsibility of the students to be present on test days. All tests are announced in advance. Some quizzes will unannounced in order to reinforce daily study. Note that all tests and quizzes are cumulative. Thus, students are encouraged to review previously covered material as they progress with new material.


Make-ups will be kept to an absolute minimum and will be granted for excused absences only.

Students absent on the day before  a test/quiz will take the test on the regularly scheduled day.

Students absent on the day of a test/quiz will have until one day after they return to school to make up the test/quiz.

Students absent two days before will have until two days after they return to school to make up the test/quiz.

In the case of an extended absence (3 or more days), special arrangements may be made.  

The same schedule will apply to extended assignments.

Make-up tests will be administered at a time mutually convenient to both student and instructor either before, during, or after school, usually in the Foreign Language Resource Center, Room 2303. It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed tests/quizzes in compliance with the above rules. Failure to do so will result in a grade of ZERO on the test.

Requirements for test/quiz taking in the Resource Center.  Students must:

Present I.D. and sign in.

Put all personal items on the back counter.

Not talk or attempt to communicate with others.

Abide by the Academic Honesty Policy in the Student Handbook and Class Policy.  Students will receive a grade of ZERO for any attempted or actual academic dishonesty.


You will receive letter grades. Generally on tests and quizzes:                                                              

                90 – 100 = A           70 – 79 = C             0 – 59 = F

                80 – 89  = B            60 – 69 = D

Marking period grades are computed as follows (*subject to change):

                Participation & Preparation                     20%

Homework                                              20%

                Quizzes                                                   20%

                Tests                                                        20%

                Projects                                                   20%


Any student giving or receiving aid of any kind during a test or quiz will receive a grade of ZERO and an Academic Dishonesty Referral will be sent to the student's parents, dean, academic director and counselor.


If you need extra help, it is your responsibility to make an appointment and keep it.

My office phone number is 847-626-2651

You may also contact me via e-mail:


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By signing in the space below, the student agrees to abide by the procedures described.


                (student signature)                                                   (date)

By signing in the space below, the parent verifies that the student has read and understands these procedures.


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This copy will be kept on file through the school year.