English Office: 1180
phone: 847-626-2613

My schedule:
Period 1: Yearbook 3150
Period 2: Office Hours 1180
Period 3: Soph Honors 1185
Period 6: Soph Honors 1185
Period 7: Soph 1185
Period 8: CPHonors 1185

When not in class, I can almost always be found in the English Office, Room 1180

Below are some sites that you will find important during English this year.

Feel free to stop into the English office, email me, or call me at 847-626-2613.

For sophomore English: 

Here's the link to directions for your charity research paper:

A Tale of Two Cities:  Take a look at and add to the wiki about the French Revolution as it applies to the novel.

Inherit the Wind:  Watch the video about creationism and evolution here.

Poetry Out Loud:  Before you begin to choose your poem, listen to the podcast