Topics Syllabus

Six Week Schedule

Week 1

Introduce Class (Handout)

CORE: Show Scene 4 (Layers of the Earth)

Discussion about the Earth’s Layers/ Peach 

Geode Reading

CORE: Show Scene 11 (Giant Gem Bubble)

                        Discussion/ Brainstorming

Conduct Density Lab

Making a Scale Model of the Interior of the Earth


Week 2


Review of Earth’s Information

            - Density of Earth, Pressure & Temperature

Core Movie Review Paper


Week 3

Watch “Red Planet”

Write down 7 things that do not look right

RED PLANET: Scene 6 (Gamma Burst)

Solar Activity Reading

“Red Planet” Calculation Sheet

Different Planet for each group/ Discussion

-IF THER IS TIME, assign this project

Week 4

Planet project

Discussion of Planets and Research

Superheroes Project


Week 5

MythBusters “Hollywood on Trial”

- Answer questions to help stimulate thoughts about Final Movie Project

Final Movie Review Project


Week 6

Finish Final Movie Review Project

Present Projects