Mr. Michael Pechter
Director of Security

The Niles West Security Department is located in Room 1117 next to the Attendance/Deans’ office. All students should report any lost or stolen items immediately to any security officers located in the building or come directly to Room 1117. In the event that no one is present in Room 1117 you should go directly to the front desk located in the auditorium.

Locker information: During the normal school day locker information can be obtained from the front desk officer located in the auditorium

Parking: Any information needed regarding yearly, monthly, weekly or daily parking can be obtained in Room 1117 or by calling (847) 626-2844.

Lost/Found: Items found on the campus of Niles West are brought to room 1117. If an item is lost on a school bus please contact the front desk either in person or by telephone at (847) 626-2842.

Security Department Personnel

         Michael Pechter           Director of Security      (847) 626-2844           

Brock Ruiz                 Security Supervisor       (847) 626-2843

Paul Mann                 2nd Shift Supervisor       (847) 626-2845

Nick DePietro             3rd Shift Supervisor       (847) 626-5943

Brian Shookman         1st Shift Supervisor        (847) 626-2842

Officer Vincic       School Resource Officer       (847) 626-2840

Front Security Desk                                                 (847)626-2842  


 Please secure your backpacks or your personnel items. Any backpacks or items that are found unsecured in the building will be taken to the Security/Deans’ office.