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                     Tell me and I forget. 
                  Teach me and I may remember.
                   Involve me and I Learn
                                                                           -Benjamin Franklin

STEM Inquiry and Research WebsitePremier Research Science course at Niles West available for all students interested in a STEM career. Offering advanced instrumentation, university mentors, daily work on a year-long, student designed STEM project. (Use the SIRS Website for resources)  

Chemistry 11-21 - The second course in the honors science sequence. It is a general introductory course on the nature and composition of matter, the laws which describe its behavior, and the theories which explain and account for the properties and behavior of matter. Topics are covered in great depth with high achievement standards. Laboratory work constitutes an integral and important part of the course objectives.

Chemistry 12-22 - An introductory course covering topics such as stoichiometry, atomic structure, gas laws, thermochemistry, solutions, and acid/base reactions. These topics will be approached from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Laboratory experiments will be used to illustrate many of the topics covered in this course. (Use Schoology.com for course resources) 

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