Moodle New Year

Logging students into Moodle

Students log in to Moodle using the same credentials (username and password) that they use to log-in to a computer.

To enroll in your course, they should locate it in the course catalog and enter the enrollment key (if you have set one). This will not only take the student to your course, but add the course to the student’s class list in Moodle for future access.

Removing former students, forum posts and other old entries:

To get rid of the old forum posts and gradebook entries, go to the course you want to remove content from and click the Reset option from the Admin Block.

This page lets you do a few useful things, including un-enrolling users in bulk. But, further down the page you can choose to remove all items from the forums and gradebook. Pick what you want, click go. If you have glossaries you wish to keep, be careful not to delete them. Easy!

Moodle Docs: Reset

Do you have multiple sections using the same content…don’t duplicate the course!

If you want to have multiple sections in the same course (so you do not need to update three different courses with the same content every time…) use groups. Groups allow you to generate a separate forum, etc. for each group (section).

From the Admin Block select Groups then Create Group and enter a group name such as Period 1 and an enrollment key for the group. You will need a unique enrollment key for each group. When students enroll in the course, the unique enrollment keys automatically slot students into the corresponding group.

When you add an activity such as a forum or glossary, be sure to set the Group setting to Separate and Moodle will general a separate activity for each group, preventing groups from accessing each others’ information.

Moodle Docs: Groups