Pinnacle Web Gradebook - Attendance

Taking daily attendance is mandatory. Use Quick Attendance to easily enter attendance.  Quick Attendance may be accessed from the Home Page or from the toolbar.  Attendance may only be recorded on scheduled attendance days for students in that class.  A lock will appear on the class tab if the selected date is not scheduled for the students in that class.

Taking Attendance

  • From the Home Page, select Quick Attendance.  The date will default to the current date.

  • The classes will display as tabs across the top of the page. Select a class.
  • If all students are present, you may use the All Present button to easily record this.
  • To designate a student absent or tardy, or change a previous selection, click the appropriate attendance code next to the student’s name.

 Note: Attendance codes will toggle by clicking on them. Click A to record an absence; click A again to clear it or click another code to overwrite it.

  • A green check mark to the left of the class name indicates attendance has been taken.
  • Attendance can be changed or corrected if it is done before the 3:45 P.M. cut-off time.
  • Absence status entered by the attendance office will automatically appear in the teacher’s gradebook the next day, or earlier the same day, depending on when the office entered the data.
  • A “change of absence code” message will appear at the next log-in if entered by the attendance office.   
  • If an absence code has already been entered by the attendance office, it is not necessary to re-enter the code for that student.
  • The lock icon will display if a date is not a valid school day for the particular class.

Override Attendance Codes

  • If an absence code has been entered by the attendance office and that student was present in the class, select P.

View Attendance

  • Click on the Attendance Grid button.   
  • Click on the arrows to change the attendance view date range.  Total attendance by grading period will be displayed in the results column on the right.