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Eduphoria-Submit a Form

  • Select My Forms from the tabs along the left side of the screen.
  • On the bottom left of the screen, under Form Options, select Submit New Form.
  • Several categories of forms will display.  Select the category which is most appropriate.  Many forms fall under the General category.  
    • NOTE: The user profile may need to be modified if the desired form is not displayed. Travelling staff/teachers need to set up the user profile to include both schools.  See instructions Change My Profile to modify or verify the schools associated with your profile.
  • A list of forms under the chosen category will display.  If the desired form is not visible, try a different category. 
  • Choose the form and follow the instructions on the form. 

  • When all required data is entered, submit the form. The form will be forwarded to the designated approver for review.
    • Certain forms require that the requester determine the approver.  
      • Type the email address or name and click the search icon (magnifying glass).
      • Click on the appropriate name from the list. Comments are optional.
      • Choose Send to User to continue the approval process.
      • Do NOT click the Continue workflow button. Doing so will skip the director approval step and will cause a delay in the process.

To Check the status of the approval process, retract or delete a form, click here.