The Professional Development Center staff from both Niles North and Niles West will be located in the Niles West Professional Development Center, room 2153 for the summer. 

General sessions are 60 minutes including lab time, and GAFE Sessions are 2 hours with lab time included.

We will highlight each of the tools listed under each exploration area and demonstrate how they work. Use the hyperlinks to review the topics and bring your ideas as we explore them. Then we will help you decide which is the most appropriate for you and assist you in developing a plan to implement for your audience.

Formative Assessment for Digital Teaching  Tools for Sharing Digital Resources With Students Organize & Digitize
 Infinite Campus  Personalizing Learning Chrome Browser vs the Chromebook
GAFE Session 1: Chrome, Chromebooks, GMail & Calendars GAFE Session 2: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides & DrawGAFE Session 3: Forms & Sites

Formative Assessment for Digital Teaching

We will demonstrate how each of these digital assessment tools work, then we will help you work with the most appropriate tool for you and your audience.

Tools for Sharing Digital Resources With Students

There are a variety of tools available for sharing content with students. We will highlight the benefits and pitfalls of each and then help you begin preparing for the next lesson, unit, or year.

Organize & Digitize

Google Apps for Education offers a powerful array of tools that help us make content, but also organize and efficiently use / share content. Each of these tools offers different aspects that can help you gain control over your content.

Infinite Campus

Using features such as the Planner, Assignment Handin, and the Messenger can help you more efficiently work and communicate with students and parents.
  • Planner
    • Copy Assignments
    • Daily Attendance 
  • Messenger
  • Submit Assignments

Personalizing Learning

Helping students discern what they do and do not know, and then using that information to develop learning paths empowers and engages students.
  • Moodle Conditional Activities
  • Google Forms to Assess Knowledge

Chrome Browser vs the Chromebook

Do your students have Chromebooks, but you don’t? Learn how the Chromebook works and what students can and cannot do and how the Chromebook experience differs from using the Chrome browser on a PC or other device.


Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a suite of free productivity tools for classroom collaboration. The following three sessions will cover everything you need to get started using these amazing apps with your students. Follow the links to gain a better understanding of each app. Conceptualize how you may use them in the classroom and bring your ideas and with you as you will have hands-on lab time to work on your projects.

Session 1:

Chrome / Chromebooks
This workshop will start from the beginning with Chrome, the Google browser, and review basic settings and features. We will then introduce you to the Chromebook; its features and how to use it.
GMail & Calendars
Learn how these tools can be used to communicate with your students and your peers. Set up reminders and notifications so you never miss another meeting, and keep all events and messages organized with labels and color-coding. Share calendars and create class calendars to post assignments. 

Session 2:

Google Drive allows users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators. In this session, we will review the different views, settings, search capabilities and sharing features.
Docs, Sheets, Slides, Draw
Google Apps for Education has a complete productivity suite - docs, sheets, presentations and drawing. Access your files anywhere, anytime! All you need is the internet. We will guide you through the different tools and features and send you on your way with a solid understanding of each app.

Session 3:

Google Forms in a powerful, easy to use app to collect information, create online quizzes, surveys, and exit slips. There is no end to the list of things you can do using Google Forms, and it’s available right in your Drive. Charts and graphs summarizing the form responses are available with a single click. All responses are collected in a spreadsheet that can be used for data analysis, mail merge, sorting, filtering, etc. Whether your task is as simple as collecting parent contact information, or as complex as a formative assessment with feedback, Google Forms is the answer.
Create a website quickly and simply using Google Sites. This is a basic web creation app that integrates with your Google apps, making it easy to link to or embed your Google docs and calendars. By the end of this session, you will have a functional website that is ready to use and easy to maintain.