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My funny valentine....

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Thanks to everyone who submitted a journal this week.  Below is a selection of my personal favorites.
Sine is no sin Dont know the answer Respond on a whim Choose answer A Y=sin (x) should be correct Sine swirls, twirls, and curls Sine is the best function i could've meet ____________________________________________________
Dear Trig functions, We have been together for about a month and half now. Its been a rough journey and you haven't always given me the best grades, or treatment. I have spent long hours trying to make you and your family (other trig functions) feel happy. But things haven't gone so well. I am not breaking up with you yet, but have had just about enough of this. I am giving us another chance, putting in more effort and trying to understand your concepts better. There's only so much I can do and I will do it all to be able to understand you better. I hope to someday be able to plot your points right on a graph and write an equation for you. I want us to be able to remember our limits and asymptotes so we can respect our boundaries better. Your vertical and horizontal shifts have worn me out but every relationship has its ups and down. Please spare me, and lets try to make this work out so that I can graduate and you can find someone who better appreciates you for who you are! (wink wink) _____________________________________________________
Dear Sin, Happy Valentines Day. Although you can be frustrating sometimes since you're a little two-faced and turn into cosine, I can deal with you. You're the base for every function and none of the other functions would be the same without you. I feel like you have your ups and downs (literally) but at the end of the day you will always have a ~range~ of emotions that I greatly appreciate and you will always hold a domain in my heart since I can always understand you <3
Sihah Reza
Dear Sine function, with your beautiful smooth repetitive oscillation which repeats every 2pi, and your symmetrical shape, what is there to not love about you? Like a roller coaster going up and down, your graph forms a beautiful sight. From light waves to radio waves, harmonic waves and simply graphing you have been a useful tool. A sound to my ears and light to my eyes, making my life at ease. With your never ending oscillation, my love for you is the same.

Unit 5 Homework Checklist

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Semester 1 Review Packets

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HW Checklists

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New Seats

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Please fill out this form to tell me where you want to sit.  I will consider your input when making my decisions.

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