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Study Island
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 Freshman English

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 Junior American
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Junior Calendar of Assignments Feb.-May 2017

Films you will need to watch that I can't find links for are:
Mask (1985) with Cher and Eric Stoltz
Into the Wild

Social Emotional Learning Apps
Sherry Turkle’s "Connected,but alone?" TED Talk

Stop, Breathe & Think (Tools for Peace) promotes mindfulness, meditation, and compassion for middle and high school students and adults. Research has shown that people can develop kindness and compassion by focusing on them through mindfulness and meditation practices. You can cultivate your frame of mind in a very short time span with simple meditation

The Social Express  will engage you and keep you on the path to mastering healthy social and emotional skills. Research-based webisodes give you the exposure necessary to develop meaningful relationships and become more socially competent in all realms of life. This program covers the gamut from preschool through high school with a robust SEL curriculum. 

For ALL of my students:



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                              Link to www.socrative.com  Room 666061

                              Link to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com 

                                       Link to www.noredink.com  
                                                    No Red Ink Class codes: 
                                                        Period 2 ewem887x    
                                                        Period 4  cdwhme7a   
                                                        Period 7  ee3k4dff

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