WYSE Information

What: 14 students (and 4 alternates) taking 28 tests (and 8 alternates) for 40 minutes each in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, Computer Science, Math and/or Physics, and winning medals!  Both individually and as a team.

When: February 7th? and then March 7th? (if we make it) and then April 10 (if we make it)

Where: Oakton Community College then Vernon Hills High School then U of I – Champaign Urbana

Practices: Practices will be Mondays at 3:30 pm in room 3410. You will take a test under test conditions and then review your answers with other students taking the same test. Working with other students is useful for studying, so you are expected to come to practice, in addition to working additional tests on your own.

Practice Tests
Click on “Previous Exams”

Username: coach
Password: ______(see one of your coaches)____________

Here you can find tests, answer keys and sometimes solution sets. Start by doing the most recent regional tests, and work your way back in time. For both topics you are taking. When you have done all those, start the sectional tests. When you have done all those, start the state tests.

You MUST try out in at least TWO subjects.
Monday, November 18th 3:30 -5 pm
Monday, November 25th 3:30 -5 pm

*You can take TWO tests on one day…there is enough time.

Practices will continue after tryouts.
Make sure we get your permission slip ASAP or you will not board the bus.
Ms. Lietz and Mr. Fahrenbacher