Student Immersion Wochenende am Genevasee

The Student German Immersion Weekend at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is a program run by Waldsee of the Concordia Language Villages.  Students of any level will use their language skills to develop a deeper understanding of and enthusiasm for German. The weekend involves interactive language learning activities, Waldseeart, including authentic games, arts, sports, dance, music and traditions.  These time proven Waldsee methodologies have empowered young learners of German for decades and we are thrilled to provide this amazing opportunity so close to home!  

General Information

          Location: Covenant Harbor, 1724 W Main St, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
          Arrival: Friday, October 7, 2016 after 4:00 pm
          Departure:  Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 8:30 pm
          Lodging: same gender lodges
          Food: culturally authentic German cuisine 

          Transportation: responsibility of the student/school
          Contact Person: Josef Neumayer, teacher and program co-director (847) 626-2642  

Registration Information and Costs

        Student Registration Cost May 2 - September 18: $190
        Student Registration Cost September 19- September 29 (Thursday): $195*
        Teacher Cost: $100*
Student registration will be capped at 100
        All fees fully refundable up until the September 29th deadline!

        * As of September 19 District 219 will add a 3.999% convenience fee to process each teacher and student registration.