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Water Bottle Filling Stations
update October 17, 2013
Buildings & Grounds is pleased to share with you that over the past three years, thanks to GCSI's investment in the bottle filling stations, Niles West High School has saved 670,000 plastic water bottles from going to landfills

Cafeteria Implements New Recycling Program
Niles West News, by Ivana Kosir

Silver Bullitt -
Time July 2, 2012
A Seattle office goes ultra-green by Tim Newcomb

Niles North Recycling Club
In October, 2011, the Niles North Recycling Club recycled 8,871.77 pounds of paper (4.44 tons) & saved 13.85 cubic yards of landfill space! Way to go!

10 Big Green Ideas - Newsweek, October 25, 2010

Environmental Education (Energy Bulletin)
Green failure: What's wrong with environmental education?
by michelle nijus