Welcome to the world of Chemistry!
Mr. Booker
Niles North Science Department

Below is my weekly teaching schedule:

Mr. Booker's Class Schedule 1718

REMEMBER if you have any questions, please email me or stop by the math/science office (Room 2200) to reach me, I am here to help you!

Honors Chemistry Daily Agenda

1819 Honors Chemistry Schedule S2

Conceptual Chemistry Daily Agenda

1819 Conceptual Chemistry Schedule S2

Online Textbooks:
Conceptual Chemistry Book Link (Periods 3 and 7): HERE
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Useful resources to help summarize text!

Weekly Schedule:

Practice makes perfect!

9 Science-Backed Studying Tips

 Tips for reaching your goals:
   Stay organized   
   Keep track of your grades
   Put homework first
   Study like you mean it
   Use time wisely
   Think about your future
   Take notes on everything
   Ask questions
   Go above and beyond!
   Stay focused on your goal

About me!
My name is Mr. Gordon Booker. I became a chemist because I think that chemistry is fun, challenging and exciting, and I want to show others how this seemingly boring subject can be cool and interesting! There are a lot of reasons for my interest in teaching, but it was the positive examples set by my former teachers and coaches that inspired me to want to become a high school teacher. It is important to understand basic chemistry because understanding chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. One of my goals is to help students and show them that chemistry is important and that it is everywhere! 

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