Become a collaborating guru by mastering Google Apps Docs. Check out the resources below and you'll be on your way.



There are several D219 templates available in Google Docs. Create a new doc and go to File, New, from template. There are several letterhead templates along with memos and agendas!


Google Docs: Access, create, edit and print

Google Sheets: Spreadsheet basics 

Google Slides: Presentation basics

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides:  Share and collaborate
Google Drawing: Using Google drawings with documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
Comments and Discussions: New feature allows threaded discussions, reply, resolve and notifications.
Google Drive: Access and organize your files
Table of Contents: Organizes content and allows easy navigation throughout the document.

Custom Styles in Google Docs: Add titles, headings and customize the style of your document

Spreadsheets - Pivot Table Reports: Creating and editing pivot table reports

Images in Forms  Insert images into your Google Form.