Sports Medicine Club

The Niles North Sports Medicine Club is a volunteer group in which there is always open enrollment and always recruiting new members. There is a minimum hour requirement of two hours a week. Some students come in one day a week, some kids come in five. You will get out of the club what you put into it.

There are no prerequisites and anyone is welcome. When joining the club you start as a level one student trainer and as you learn new skills you can move on to be a level two and then three.

Niles North High School has certified athletic trainers on staff to care for all athletic injuries sustained during school sponsored interscholastic athletics. The student athletic trainer’s responsibilities would include some basic first aide and some hands on taping only to be done under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer.

If interested in joining our club, feel free to contact us in the Niles North athletic training room.  (847)626-2292

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3