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Any head, face, neck, or jaw injury has the potential to be significant.  The danger from a blow to the head area or through significant contact may not appear until later in the day or even the day after activity. The following signs, symptoms, and suggestions are offered to parents as a reference by which to judge your child’s appearance and behavior following an episode of head injury or significant body contact.
Careful attention for the next 48 hours is advised. 

The best guideline is to note symptoms that worsen, and behaviors that seem to represent a change in your son/daughter. If you have any question or concern at all about the symptoms you are observing, contact your family physician for instructions, or seek medical attention at the closest emergency department

Headache                                                       Dizziness
Nausea                                                          Temporary loss of memory
Ringing in the ears                                            Mental confusion

If the symptoms above worsten or added symptoms occur such as:
Blurred vision                                                  Unequal pupils
Unusual sleepiness or grogginess                        Loss of muscle coordination
Slurred speech                                                Numbness or tingling
Stiffness in the neck

Please seek the care of a physician.
Please remind your child to follow up with the Certified Athletic Trainer during the school day.  Also after the incident your child will have to re-take the ImPACT concussion test. Temporary academic accommodations may be given based on the athlete’s symptoms, neurocognitive scores, and any physician’s recommendations. This is coordinated through the school nurse’s office and guidance department.