Ann Wiberg

Niles West High School

Special Education Instructor & Case Manager


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Citizenship Skills Development & Assessment: Class readiness, participation, & citizenship

In order to develop and reinforce skills and behaviors vital to becoming a successful citizen and being a good person, students will sometimes be given a weekly grade based on how well they are able to do the following:

    • Be on time to class and ready to begin when the bell rings
    • Be prepared for class with required class materials (writing utensil, assignments, Chromebook or laptop, ETC)
    • Respect your peers and the teacher(s) in the classroom by giving them your undivided attention when they have the floor
    • Maintain focus and give your best effort on all in class activities
    • Abstain from disrespectful or intolerant speech/behavior that threatens a safe & positive class environment
    • Participate in class discussions in a meaningful and productive way
    • Complete every assignment and activity to the best of your abilities
    • Ask questions and/or reach out to the teacher outside of class if additional help or clarification is needed to understand or complete an assignment.