If you want to explore on your own, these are some resources that might be helpful.  You can sort the list by name or by resource. 

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Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Atomic Learning Tutorial Gain the skills needed through this online training course to turn your milestone moments into memorable movies.  
Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Understanding Video Effects Learn how video effects add pizzazz to your movies.  
Atomic Learning Atomic Learning Pick From Hundreds of Tutorials; Teach Yourself. Use your School Login for access 
Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Resources 
Dropbox Dropbox 2 gb free online storage 
Dropbox Using Dropbox How to use features in Dropbox 
Gmail All About Gmail Google's Own Index of Gmail Topics 
Google Apps (General) Google Apps Help Mail, Docs, Calendar Help 
Google Apps (General) Google Calendar Learn how to Schedule and Share Calendars 
Google Apps (General) Google Plus Personal Learning Network 
Google Docs Google Docs Help Your One-Stop Shopping Center For Google Docs Help 
Homework Resource Brain Genie Learn, Practice, and Quiz Yourself 
Homework Resource Desmos Graphing Calculator Use this calculator for graphing, for calculating, for sharing, for creating. 
Homework Resource Graphing Calculator Scientific Graphing Calculator 
Homework Resource Hippocampus High-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects 
Homework Resource Khan Academy 2,400 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 125 practice exercises 
Homework Resource Turn It in  Upload documents to check orginality of paper 
Homework Resource Wolfram Alpha Free online computational knowledge engine 
Moodle Moodle Log Into The District's Moodle Site 
Niles 219 Tech Leader Tutorial List of Tutorials created by D219 Tech Leaders 
Open Office Open Office Download Free Producitivty Suite - Works well with Google Docs 
Open Source Open Disc Downloadable CD with Open Source Applications 
PDF PDF Escape Site allows you to upload and edit PDF very easily without Adobe Reader installed on machine 
PDF PDF Merger Merge PDF files by Dragging and Dropping 
PDF PDF Splitter Split Multipage PDFs into individual ones 
Picture Editing Pic Monkey Drag and Drop picture editing 
Picture Editing Pixlr Online Photo Editor 
Presentation  Popplet Create Simple Prezi like Presentations without all the hassle 
Science Geniverse Geniverse is free, web-based software for high school biology that engages students in exploring heredity and genetics by breeding and studying virtual dragons 
Science What is Meiosis Learn Process of Meiosis by Breeding Dragons 
Ubuntu Ubuntu 10.04 Interface More details on the Netbook Interface 
Video Resource Clip Converter Download and Convert Video Clips for School Projects 
Video Resource Convert 2 Mp3 Online Video Converter - Downloader 
Video Resource Convert Files Convert any file to something needed for class 
Video Resource D219TV Dist219 Videos 
Video Resource Keep Vid Download Online Videos for Projects 
Video Resource Teleprompter Use it to help with Presentation or Videos.  
Video Resource Video Project Guidelines Please use this as a Guide to create videos 
Video Resource WeVideo Create and Edit Videos Online 
Video Resource We Video Tutorial We Video Tutorial Playlist 
Video Resource Youtube to MP4 Download YouTube Videos 
Web 2.0 60 in 60 60 Web 2.0 Tools in 60 Minutes 
Web 2.0 Box of Tricks Resources A – Z Scroll down for an A-Z of tried and tested internet resources for education 
Web 2.0 Ck-12 Search for math and science practice, videos, and more 
Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools Various Classroom Online Tools 
Web 2.0 Go to Web 2.0 Online Tools and Application 
Web 2.0 Jog the Web Web 2.0 Tools for Kids 
Web 2.0 NetLogo NetLogo Installation on Netbook 
Web 2.0 Poster My Wall Create Free Flyers for Events 
Web 2.0 Screen Cast-O-Matic Screen Capture Program Online 
Web 2.0 Tech & Learning Ideas and Tools for Tech Leaders 
Web 2.0 Top 100 Tools for Learning Here are the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 – the results of the 6th Annual Learning Tools Survey  
Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Literacy Tools Online Publication 
Web 2.0 Web 2.0's Top 1,000 List!  
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