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Insurance Facts

Buying Insurance

It is important to consider purchasing insurance for your school-issued device.  Chromebooks come with a limited factory warranty.  It covers the cost of repair for manufacturer defects, but cracked screens and damages due to accidents or abuse can incur various repair costs:   Repair and Replacement Costs. 

Purchasing insurance is optional but we strongly recommend it.  You may want to contact your own insurance company to inquire about the policies they offer; however, the district works closely with Worth Avenue Group.  Many of our students have purchased polices with them, and should you need to make a claim with them, our Student Help Desk can make sure that you have the correct documentation.  It is important for students to come to the Student Help Desk first, before contacting insurance. Please visit Worth Ave Group's landing page to learn about the company and answers to frequently asked questions.

Please note: The school does not sell insurance, nor do we take money for laptop/Chromebook insurance. You purchase the insurance yourself, and you keep the records for the policy you purchase, including the expiration date of your policy. If you did not buy insurance yourself, then you do not have insurance. The school does not provide insurance. Please make a note of your policy's expiration date; you are solely responsible for renewing your policy. 

 How do I purchase insurance?
  • Please send all payments to the insurance company you have chosen
  • Using Student Insurance Partners:
    • Group Insurance is available a few times during the school year where the cost of insurance is greatly reduced.   
      • Current Open Enrollment is January 8th through January 21, 2018
      • Policy is $8 for 7 months. 
      • Please use the following Online Portal Link to apply.
    • You can call them at (800)-620-2885 and give them the promo code "Niles." 
      • Online or phone will have your Chromebook insured within 24 hours.
    • While there are a few more policy options available, the most cost effective for repairs and replacement of Chromebooks is the $0 deductible policy.   You can call Worth Ave. for more options if needed. 
What happens if I miss the open enrollment deadline to purchase insurance?
You can purchase an individual policy from Worth Ave. using the following Online Portal. 

Common Insurance Questions

Where is the Serial No. ?
    • Usually located at the bottom of the machine or underneath the battery area.  
    • The serial/ tag number is a 6-20 character alpha-numeric number.  E.g.  JB181M1 or HY3A91ADA122346D
    • It is also located on the lower right of the ID Sticker on Netbook.  It is recommended to keep this sticker on the netbook. 
Bottom of Unit

 ID Card


Can I purchase insurance before the device is given to my son or daughter? 
    • Yes.  You must call the insurance company to sign up and request the effective date of policy to be the device pickup date. 
    • The serial number will be  "Issued By School" until your child picks up the device.  Very important,  to call the insurance company and update the policy with the new serial number once it is picked up. It will cause claim problems if you are missing the serial number on your policy.  

How do I renew Insurance?
    • To renew your insurance, please come back to this page or contact the student help desk to see if there are any updated forms.  Policy change every year depending on the cost of new Chromebooks
How do I file an Insurance claim?
Please follow these instructions:   All document will be provided by the Student Help Desk. 

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