Who gets a device?

All incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students will receive a device on the same day they pick up books. If a student misses that day, he/she will need to stop by the Student Help Desk to pick one up. Student will need to have an ID which is obtained with books at the bookstore. West (2150) or North (1015).

Will students be protected from objectionable internet content?

The district’s filtering software will work on school property regardless if machine is connected directly to network or via WiFi. Note:There is no built-in filtering software on devices issued to students.

How can I protect my student from objectionable internet content at home?

We have set up a parent's resource page related to Internet safety. Please click on the Parents Resources link and you will see a list of information related to surfing the web safely at home.  Parents can call their internet provider and inquire about setting up content filtering.  Open DNS is another source listed that allows parents to control what sites can be seen at home for all devices.  Note: No one method is 100% at blocking everything. 

How is laptop inventory controlled?

Chromebooks will be pre-registered to students and given out during Chromebook Deployment usually the same day as book pickup. The serial number will be linked to student ID & Name when inventoried. A paper ID label will be printed and affixed to the Chromebook. The paper ID is to remain on the device to identify owner. It should not be damaged or removed. If it becomes unreadable, the student will be instructed to stop by the student help desk to have a new one printed.

What if I need to charge my computer?

The Chromebooks have a long battery life. There will be charging stations located in a few areas of the building. Please charge your battery overnight before coming to school, and take advantage of the charging stations. You will need to bring your charger to use the station. 

Can I get Wireless (WiFi) at home?

WiFi only works if you have an internet connection and a wireless access point at home. You will need to know the password of your internet wireless connection for you to connect your Chromebook.You need to enter the password exactly because it is case sensitive.

Can students use flash drives (thumb drives/jump drives) with their school laptop?

Yes and we encourage it, but just like any other device USB drives fall under the district’s Acceptable Use Policy..

Is it a requirement that my student bring his/her laptop home every night?

The Chromebooks batteries need to be charged at home where they can get a full charge for the next day’s learning.  There are charging stations in a few areas of the building, but they are intended for a quick charge of battery. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students bring home their laptops every night for charging. 

Is there a safe place to lock up my electronic devices like my Chromebook?

Keep your device in your locker at all times you are not using it in class. Never take your electronic devices into the PE Locker Rooms.

Am I allowed to upgrade to a different operating system, such as Windows 10 or Mac OS?

Chromebooks will not be able to upgrade to any OS except Chrome.  If attempted, they risk damaging the Chromebook and having to pay for a new motherboard or replacement unit.

What is the procedure if my device is lost, stolen, or damaged?

What do I use to clean my device screen?

There are a few methods to clean you computer screen.  What is recommended is using a certified product that dries quickly and doesn't leave a streak.   Use a microfiber cloth, the same one used for cleaning glasses to avoid scratching the screen. Please avoid using any hard chemicals such as soap or detergents.  Even Windex is too strong for the screen.   Any cleaning product that is not recommended and damages the screen will void the manufacturer warranty. 

Do I need to purchase separate anti-virus software?

Chromebook do not require anti-virus software due to the operating system design.   

Will current students be able to upgrade their Chromebook?

Students will continue to use what was given to them freshman year. Students have the option to pay the difference for an upgraded Chromebook. Students transferring out of district prior to graduating will have to the return unit, or pay the cost difference of current price rates to keep unit.

How do I print ?

We recommend students use Google Docs to share and collaborate on documents. This is the greener thing to do. If you need to print at school, click here to learn more.

How do I print at home?

If you have a Chromebook, you need to install a Cloud Printer onto your Google Apps account. Follow the steps outline here. Alternatively, if you have a pre-existing at-home printer connected to a networked computer, your students can simply log into their Google account and print their work in the same manner that they do now.