Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing is exactly what it is sounds like, the ability to print documents wirelessly from your mobile device.  Chromebooks can only print through the cloud. Please do not attempt to plug them into the printer via USB that will not work.  While it is convenient to print, our goal as a Google Apps school is learning to collaborate through the cloud and sharing documents.  Print only if necessary. 

At School

We have set up some printers that are capable "Google Cloud Printing." Not every printer in the building is set up for this purpose.

      • 1325-- C3
      • 1340 -- IRC Non-Fiction 
      • 1340 -- IRC Fiction 
      • 1015 -- Help Desk 
      • 1400E -- Study Hall 
      • 1400W -- Study Hall
      • 2400E -- Study Hall
      • 2400W -- Study Hall
      • 2145 -- IRC Fiction
      • 2145 -- IRC Reference
      • 2150 -- Lab
      • 1033 -- Oakton Lobby
      • 3160 -- Study Hall
      • Student Activities - South Lobby
      • Literature Center
      • 1750 -- Study Hall
      • 1755 -- Study Hall
      • 2035 -- Study Hall

  • When you are ready to print your document, click on the Print icon (the shortcut is Control- P). 
  • Under Destination, click on Change

  • Then look at the bottom of the dialogue box that appears. At the bottom of the dialogue box, you'll see "Print Using Google Cloud Print dialog in blue text. Click on that or even lower look for the Show All button.
  • You will get a list of the printers available for Google Cloud Printing as listed above. Select the one that you are standing near.  

Cloud printing shuts off at 4 pm (or at 6 PM in the IRC), so don't expect to be able to print in the middle of the night and have it sitting on the printer in the morning. It doesn't work this way. 

At Home

It is unlikely that you will be able to connect your Chromebook to your at-home printer directly, unless you bought a printer specifically labeled "Google Cloud Printer.

Other options: 
  • Simply use your at-home computer. Just log into your school Google Apps account on any browser and find your document inside your Google Drive. Then print it, like you print other documents from your at-home computer. That's one of the great things about Google Docs--- they're available on any computer connected to the internet!
  • Or setup your home printer to be a cloud printer.  Follow Google's Cloud Printing instruction and can print wirelessly at home as well.