Speech Team is...

...competitive speaking and performance. We do 14+ events in everything from speaking on the radio, making up a speech in 2 minutes or less, to a comedic or serious monologue. If you are interested in being an actor, a coach, a politician, a teacher, or anything that requires interacting with other human beings, then Speech is a team that will make you a better speaker! It not only looks good on a college application, but helps with interviewing skills, class presentation skills, and even a portfolio for real-world acting auditions.

Announcements & Upcoming:


Saturday, November 5th
It's time for our annual season opener at Wheeling! Get ready to host (Varsity) or compete (N/JV) in our "Welcome to the Jungle!" tournament. Info:

    >Arrive by 8am & check in with Mac or Waple in 150

    >We'll be done by 2pm

    >Come dressed to perform with all your materials; Mom Box will be in 150         with basic makeup & etc. to look your most professional
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Jessica Maciejewski,
Mar 3, 2016, 12:47 PM