Debbie Prezembel Chapter of National Honor Society

Every year, parents and students ask questions about the procedure our school uses for inducting new members into the National Honor Society. This explanation of our process should answer many questions and help assure that as many students as possible can demonstrate that they are worthy candidates for inclusion in that society.  

By charter, National Honor Society’s mission is the recognition of students who show the four qualities deemed essential by its parent organization:  scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The Buffalo Grove High School NHS develops standards appropriate for documenting that each inductee has shown all four of those qualities.  A faculty advisory committee examines the applications of possible NHS new inductees to determine if they properly meet the requirements of all four pillars.  

Our students demonstrate scholarship with a cumulative weighted grade point average of 4.8 or higher at the beginning of their junior or senior years. At the beginning of each school year, all juniors and seniors with a cumulative weighted GPA of at least 4.8 are emailed letters congratulating them on their academic achievement and inviting them to begin the application and induction process for National Honor Society.  These letters are received in September and sent to the student via their school email account and are sent only to the student, not parents.  Students will receive packets with information regarding the application process at a special mandatory meeting in mid-September.  Please note, the emailed letter is only to notify students that they are eligible to apply for National Honor Society.  If eligible students are interested in applying then they must attend the mandatory application meeting as indicated in the letter.  Students who do not attend the mandatory meeting without contacting the acting NHS sponsor in advance to make alternative arrangements are unable to apply for NHS during that school year.  Only those students who appropriately complete the application by the stated deadline are considered for membership into National Honor Society.

Once fully completed applications are turned in, a list of eligible students is sent to the entire Buffalo Grove High School faculty. Faculty members are asked to indicate to the NHS advisor, Katherine Goebel if they are aware of any students on the list whose character they question.  Faculty members are also invited to praise the character of any student on the list based on personal and classroom experiences.  On a case-by-case basis, Mrs. Goebel follows up on those individuals brought to her attention based on cause for concern. When warranted, the advisor will seek the advice of the faculty advisory committee and other listed references on the NHS application before a student is not admitted into NHS on the basis of character.  

In addition, each candidate will be asked to put together a comprehensive résumé detailing leadership roles they have held and community service they have performed during their high school tenure.  This portion of the application fulfills the leadership and community service pillars required for inclusion in NHS.  All of the activities listed must be documented and verifiable.  References and contact information need to be listed with each item.  It is the job of the applicant to provide detailed information in the areas of leadership and service, and if an item or reference is not listed then it is not verifiable and cannot be counted towards these two pillars.  Finally, all applicants will be asked to write several short essays explaining their commitment to the four pillars of the National Honor Society and their vision for the future.  

Those candidates highly demonstrating all four qualities (pillars) are then asked to complete the induction process by participating in the annual induction ceremony held in November. The elected student officers of NHS play a key role in organizing this ceremony and setting its tone -- formal enough to indicate that we take this recognition very seriously and festive enough so that the inductees feel they went through a celebration.  

If you have questions about the process, please contact Mrs. Katherine Goebel, the NHS faculty advisor at 847-718-4263 or  Students are encouraged to contact Mrs. Goebel with their questions via email or in person in a timely manner.

Attention all CURRENT National Honor Society Members

A reminder to all current National Honor Society members that in order to remain in good standing with NHS you must attend all monthly mandatory meetings, maintain a cumulative weighted GPA of 4.8 or higher, complete the required community service points (8) per semester, maintain an untarnished character, and show leadership qualities at Buffalo Grove High School and beyond.  If these requirements are not met you may be removed from the organization.  Remember to uphold the four pillars that define membership in NHS.

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