HOYA - Hersey Orchestra Youth Association


    HOYA is the parent booster club for the John Hersey orchestra program.  All parents and guardians of students enrolled in orchestra are voting members of this not-for-profit organization. We hold four board meetings and 2 general meetings each year.  Additional funds are attained through organizing concessions at two Speech Meets in the winter.

    Listed below are some of HOYA's activities:
        - Distribute uniforms
        - Subsidize the U of I trip
        - Provide scholarships for summer music camps
        - Host Meet and Greet, student pizza parties, and provide concert refreshments
        - Coordinate fund raisers
        - Set-up and maintain student accounts
        - Chaperone field trips
        - Organize the spring banquet


    The annual Pop and Pretzel concert in the Spring is our major fund raiser.  HOYA organizes the sale of pizza and baked goods at this event.  Other fundraisers utilized is the sale of Butter Braids each fall.  Other fund raisers include the sale of Carson's coupon books and a restaurant night at a local eatery.  For all fundraising events parents are needed.  Students receive 80% of profits from all fundraisers.  In addition students can receive monetary compensation or National Honors Society service hours for working a shift at a concession stand. Parents can also make donation to HOYA through our sponsorship program.


    According to HOYA by-laws, the individual student credits earned from fund raising projects, may be used when a trip (U of I) or approved usage event occurs: field trips, private lessons, or music supplies. Any unused credits remaining at the end of the student's participation in orchestra will be automatically transferred to the general fund.  If the student has a younger sibling entering the orchestra program the following year, the credits may be transferred to the incoming student's account.  Student credits will not be used to cover expenses incurred by HOYA. 

Student balances can be checked at mymusicoffice.com

Become a Hersey Orchestra Sponsor!

    Help support the Hersey orchestra by becoming a sponsor.  As a sponsor you have the option of being recognized in each concert program.  Sponsors also receive free admission to the Holiday, Pop and Pretzel, and Masterworks concerts. Download and return the document below if interested in becoming a Hersey Orchestra Sponsor.

Joshua Stewart,
Sep 11, 2013, 8:05 AM