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Chamber Orchestra
This select ensemble of 16-17 musicians performs advanced string and chamber literature from the entire orchestral repertoire.  In addition to playing as a single ensemble, members of the chamber orchestra makeup 2 string quartets, a piano trio, and quintet which prepares chamber music.  The ensemble has been featured as a demonstration orchestra at the 2011 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic as well as performances at the Chicago Symphony Center.

In the video below the Chamber Orchestra performance begins at 23:50

YouTube Video

Symphony Orchestra
The Symphony Orchestra is a full orchestra which meets daily as a class.  This ensemble prepares full orchestra literature in conjunction with wind and percussion musicians from the Hersey band program.  Wind and percussion members audition in mid October The Symphony orchestra is an auditioned group composed of 10th-12th graders.

Concert Orchestra
        The Concert Orchestra is a string orchestra which meets daily as a class.  This ensemble is primarily made up of incoming freshman.  The year long class prepares students to be members of the Symphony Orchestra.  The Concert Orchestra on occasion combines with the Symphony orchestra for events such as the U of I Orchestra Consortium in February.