When John Hersey wrote Hiroshima, he sought truth.  In doing this, he employed a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The school that bears his name hopes to help students find coherence in the many dimensions of their learning experiences. Science, literature, social science, math, and other disciplines work to construct lenses to inquire about the big questions. What is real? What is true? What is just? What is beautiful? What is good? What knowledge is most worth having? Forums offer students a chance to share the spirit of inquiry in communal fashion. In science, we connect to many real world experiences and present applications for students to discover and cultivate the "wow" & wonder from everyday experiences. We hope that Hersey students graduate with an appreciation for the nature of knowledge and with a passion for inquiry. So over the next four years – think about how academic disciplines connect and how a synthesis of their approaches to truth might lead to fuller encounters with reality and deeper academic character.