“ La emoción estética es tan útil al hombre como las funciones digestivas. - Diego Rivera

As part of our Spanish 4 curriculum here at Prospect High School in District #214 we traditionally end the year with a culminating project that doubles as art therapy after the intense weeks of AP exams!  After studying the Mexican Revolution we discuss how murals grew forth from this time period through the works of Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros and  José Clemente Orozco. Students gain an appreciation for the laborious fresco process and how this movement lead to modern day murals (and graffiti)!  

They form small groups (3-4) and decide upon a Latin American studies theme or concept from class this year that touched them.  Possibilities include but are not limited to:  Argentina's Dirty War, Immigration, Migratory workers, The Mexican Revolution, current events and environmental issues.  They are then challenged to create a mural that conveys their feelings about the concept or theme while demonstrating their knowledge of the techniques of the masters they have studied.  It's amazing what they discover along the adventure!  Welcome to our 2016 Gallery!