** All forms and information are found on the LIFE Project Schoology Page-you can join this under Groups with code: DK794-HJQTV 

All seniors at PHS and across High School District 211  need to complete a project that helps them to experience and understand what types of volunteer organizations and agencies are available in the community.  At Palatine, we call this your LIFE Project (Learning Involvement for Everyone). You may complete this project by either researching volunteerism, interviewing community service organizations, and writing a paper about volunteerism and service in the community, OR by going out and volunteering for 20 hours in the community.  

There are a number of reasons that this project has been a requirement across the district since the 1970s.  Here are a few that are important to you!

       1.     Volunteering gives you great opportunities to get experience in areas you might be interested in for college or work… and looks GREAT on resumes and applications! 

       2.  Helping others makes you aware of what is going on in the world around you!

       3.  Learning about volunteer agencies gives you a great opportunity to get involved in the future.  

       4.  Helping others makes you feel GREAT!

These hours can be completed  with one volunteer/service agency anytime between the end of your Junior year and May 3rd of your senior year. You must keep track of your hours and submit a self-evaluation upon completion. The link to self evaluation is on our LIFE Project Schoology Page (Group code above).   Mrs. Guthrie will then follow up with  your agency to get your evaluation and your grade. 

The goal is to encourage you to get involved in these great programs in your school community, but, at the same time encourage you to get OUT in the community and experience different people and issues.


Step 1: Choose a time frame. You may choose to complete your hours during the summer (be sure to submit the LIFE Project Summer Application on the Schoology), or during the school year.

Step 2: Choose an agency or opportunity to interview or to volunteer with (you will need to do ALL 20 Hours with the SAME AGENCY)

Step 3: Meet with your agency and fill out a service contract stating that you will follow through with your responsibilities as a volunteer with their opportunity OR fill out the Essay option paperwork.  ** These contracts will be handed out in your senior year required Social Studies course during the first week of school (Government/Econ/Senior Survey).  Extra copies will also be available on the bulletin board outside the Social Studies Office or on the LIFE Project Schoology (if you are a senior, you should already be a member of this under your "groups", if not, see Mrs. Guthrie!)

Step 4: Set up dates and times to volunteer with your contact person at your agency OR set up dates and times to interview and research your agencies. 

Step 5: Complete your hours and compete the "Self-Evaluation Form"  (on the LIFE Project Schoology Page under "resources" OR turn in your essay to Mrs. Guthrie in the Social Studies office.