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Tournament Signup

To the right are links to Google forms for each Saturday tournament (non-MSL) that we know about so far.  Click on the link to let us know whether or not you can attend each tournament.  The sooner you let us know, the better.  If you say yes without any comment otherwise, we expect you to be there.

If the tournament says varsity, that means that there is no separate level for JV players.  However, JV players are welcome and encouraged to sign up and attend.

As for any MSL competitions (preseason tournament, quad, regular season play, and crossover/championship), you only need to show up for the bus at the appointed time.  There is no need to sign up ahead of time.

Novice Tournament (for new/inexperienced players), 10-13-18
Falcon Kickoff JV Tournament (no juniors or seniors), 10-20-18
Loyola Frosh Soph Tournament (no juniors or seniors), 11-10-18