Next Competitions
IHSSBCA Kickoff at Stevenson, Saturday, November 18.  Bus leaves exit 1 at 7:45 AM.

Next Practice
Wednesdays in room 312 after school.

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Head Coach - Mr. Hall -
Assistant Coach - Mr. Lange -
Assistant Coach - Mr. Tucker -
Welcome to a new school year!  Practice will be every Wednesday in room 312 after school.  Come any time!  Join any time!  See Mr. Hall with questions.

Registration:  A parent/guardian must register you through Infinite Campus in order for you to become a member.  This is now true for all PHS sports/activities/clubs.

What is Scholastic Bowl?
Scholastic Bowl is a competitive activity available at Palatine High School.  The game played is best described as a team version of Jeopardy!  A match consists of 20 trivia questions that cover a wide variety of topics (science, math, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and "miscellaneous") that are asked by a moderator.  Anyone on either team can "buzz in" and attempt to answer the question.  If the answer is correct, the team gets a three-part bonus question.  If the answer is wrong, however, the other team can still buzz in to answer.  Each match lasts no longer than roughly 45 minutes.

How does practice work?
Practice typically involves practice matches.  The purpose of the practice is to get to know your team better, develop strategies to use during the matches, and get a feel for the types of questions as well as their difficulty level.

How can I join?
Come to our next practice!  (See above left.)

Sporcle:  There is a team link on the left.  Click on the link to play quizzes that will help you learn answers to questions that frequently come up.  If you find a helpful quiz that is not on the favorites list, email Mr. Hall the link, and he will add it to the list.