Welcome to Mr. Teschner's English Page!

Welcome to Mr. Teschner's All-Things English Page!  Here you will find information that pertains to all the classes I teach.  The links up above will direct you to the specific page you are looking for.  I will use this first page for general comments and the occasional blurb about my life (don't read it if you don't care).  

BRIEF BIO: I grew up on the mean streets of South Hoffman Estates after moving from Streamwood in 3rd grade.  Having moved to Hoffman Estates when I was in third grade, I was forced to traverse the streets with my three younger brothers to ensure safety.  Walking a full 1/2 mile to McArthur Elementary, a FULL MILE to Eisenhower Junior High and then about 1/4 mile to Hoffman Estates High School, I learned how to take care of myself at an early age.  (HOPEFULLY YOU RECOGNIZE THE INCREDIBLE SARCASM HERE.)  We spent our days at Highpoint Park playing baseball, football, and basketball.  Occasionally, we would spend our late afternoons and night riding our bikes along Higgins Road to Barrington Square and the $1 movie theater.  While at Eisenhower Junior High, I met my best friend for life, Carrie Patt.  Carrie and I maintained a friendship throughout college, only to finally fall in love in 2001 after 9 years of friendship.  

I finally popped the question in 2003, and she said yes (I mean, I did propose on a secluded deck of the cruise we were on in the Gulf).  It didn't matter, though, because she couldn't resist my charm and dashingly rugged looks.  In 2004, we married, I left the Daily Herald (Sports Writer from 2001-2004), and I started my teaching career at William Fremd High School.  For the past eleven years, I've coached softball, golf, football, advised The Logue, worked on 10 different committees and have chaperoned one dance.  That dance was the single worst night of my life.  Ask me about it sometime!

The three BEST days of my life include my wedding day, the birth of my son Brady and the birth of my little princess Cailyn.  Brady was born on November 1st of 2006, and our life has been filled with the pitter-patter of his gigantic feet since.  Cailyn was born three wonderful years later on November 5th of 2009, and our life has been overjoyed with tiaras and Barbie dolls all around the house from that day forward.  

We now live in Schaumburg.  Famous people on our street: Mr. Valacak and Mr. Anderson, both of Fremd Fame.  Famous Schaumburgites to grace our street, Mr. Morelli grew up on our street and the Donald Trump of Schaumburg, Biagio Buccaro, once lived across the street from my house. 
Mr. Teschner's Class Schedule 2014-15
Period Time  ClassRoom
1 7:30-8:20American Studies w/ Billitier129
28:25-9:15 American Studies w/ Billitier129
9:20-10:10 Co-Taught Meetings/PLAN123
10:15-11:05 Expository Composition117
12:05-12:55 LUNCH123
1:00-1:50 Freshmen English E101
Co-Taught w/ O'Donnell


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