Mr. Fisher-Rohde's Homepage

This site is here for you. It's filled with useful videos that I've either made or borrowed from my friend Google. On the "Home Links" you find day to day info about grades, my schedule, and contact info. 

Under the "Earth Science" section on the left, you'll see a list of units. Click on any of them and you see videos. Use these videos anytime you need quick info about the topics we covered in class. They are a great study resource before quizzes, tests, and the final. Use them when you spaced out in class and missed the notes. Use them when you're absent and need to know what we talked about. Or, you can just use them for fun. 

Lastly, here's an important note. I made these videos a couple of years ago and some of them may have too much info or not enough. They are simply here to help you out when you need a little boost. They are not intended to be full lecture replacement videos.