Course Syllabus

Contact Information



Twitter: @fishPHS

Phone: (224) 653-1409 (Science Office)

Free Periods: Periods 3 and 7 Before and after school by appointment

Other Earth Science Teachers: Ms. Jordan and Mr. Miller (inactive)

Keys to success in Earth Science: In order for the student to be successful in this course, he/she must meet the following:

Pay attention

Take responsibility for your own actions

Come to class prepared. Bring a charged iPad and a pencil.

Don't make excuses

Respect yourself

Take good notes and review them every night

Do all your homework and in class work

Don't get in the way of other people’s right to learn in a safe environment

Ask questions when you don't understand something

Always try your best

Attend class regularly (and be on time!)

Participate in all classroom activities and assignments

Complete all quizzes and tests (and study for them!)

Follow classroom and school rules

Grading Policies: Your grade will be made up of the points you earn from various assignments, with the following categories being weighted as shown:

Exams/Tests 70%

Quizzes and Collected Work 25%

Other (assignment completion) 5%

Grading Scale: A traditional 100% - 0% scale is used with retake opportunities on any quiz or test with a score below 60%. See below

Exam (Test) Grades: If an exam grade of below 60% is earned, that grade will be entered. However, students will be able to retake the same assessment. If 60% or better is achieved, then the failing grade will be replaced with 60% of the maximum points possible. Therefore, students should never get below 60% on any assignment.

Homework: You are responsible for getting help on homework assignments that you do not understand. Most homework assignments are not graded for anything other than completion, but a post homework quiz follows most assignments and will be graded.

Labs: Students work in groups for labs. Most labs themselves are not graded for anything other than completion, but a post-lab quiz (PLQ) follows most labs.

Late Work: Late work may be completed up to one week prior to the end of each grading quarter for past units. Once the deadline for late work has passed, then missing work may no longer be submitted for credit.

Class Rules: Be on time (the school tardy policy will be enforced) and prepared; respect yourself, others, materials, and equipment; finish food and drink before class (except for water at your desk); complete all assignments in a timely manner; do your own work (even when in groups!); follow instructions; be responsible. Foul language will not be tolerated. Try to use the restroom before you come to class. If you feel you must ask to use the restroom during class, please wait until an appropriate time. All other rules and procedures in the school handbook apply.

Attendance: It is your responsibility to find out what you have missed if you are absent from class. If you miss a test or quiz, I will automatically put it in test makeup for you. If you miss a lab, be sure see your lab partner for the data and see me with any questions.

Materials Needed for Class: A charged iPad and a pencil. A good stylus is recommended but not required. Students who wish to take notes on paper are required to bring some sort of notebook or binder to keep their notes organized. Students who wish to complete their assignments on paper are required to keep thier work in a binder or folder until the end of the semester. I will not accept crumbled up, torn, or folded papers. 

Cell Phone Policy: Absolutely no cell phones in class. They may be taken away if they are used in class and turned into your administrator.

 iPad Policy: Most of our daily tasks will involve using an iPad in one way or another. All students and parents/guardians are expected to follow the D211’s acceptable use policy and use agreement.

The faculty and administration reserve the right to change the class syllabus as deemed necessary.