1:1 Info and Apps

Welcome to the world of 1:1 learning! 

This experience will be slightly different than a "traditional classroom". First of all our class will be 95% paperless. This means students will be asked to be engaged in the class in many different ways and most assignments will be completed and turned in digitally. In addition to in-class discussions, on-line discussions within Schoology (see below) will also be an integral part. Lab groups will use blogs to document their findings which will include all the major parts of a formal lab report along with photos and video discussions of what they have learned.

Listed below are the apps that will be used throughout the year. Most are free and the two that have a cost associated with them will be provided by the district! If you hover over the image, you can link right to the app store to download these apps.

Please wait to download the paid apps until the redeem codes are given in class...
iMovie: (Required)
iMovie will be used extensively in the course to turn students from simply consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge. This app will be used from making video projects to lab reports. 

Cost: Free - iPad Air or later

Notability: (Required)

Notability is another productivity/note-taking app. This app is great for inking on PDFs and works well with Google Drive.  This app does cost $4.99 in the App Store but it is well worth the small investment (Great News! D211 will provide it for students in the 1:1 program.)  Notability is required for this course since this will be a paperless course. (At least severely limited!)

Cost: $4.99 (District Provided)
 Google Drive: (Required)

Google Drive is a required app for my 1:1 courses.  All word processing can be done in Google Drive and stored in the Google cloud. Students only need to have a Google Account (gmail address) in order to use this app.  Students can share folders and files with their teacher and peers, which allows for seamless workflow and real-time collaboration.  Through Google Drive students can also create presentations and forms (much like surveys for data collection). Furthermore, students can access all of their files by logging into Google from a desktop or laptop computer.  Some required assignments will be accessed through Google Drive - other assignments may be "handed-in" through DropBox (See Below)

Cost: Free
Schoology: (Required)

Schoology is a Learning Management System (LMS) that students can use to access course information and updates, access course materials, share work with their teacher, and post discussions. Schoology will be routinely used through the year and will be the how students will hand in their assignments.

Cost: Free

 Twitter: (Optional)

Twitter is a social media application that can be used to access information for class and communicate with the instructor. Once you have your account created...follow @FilipekScience

Cost: Free


Google Chrome Browser: (Required)

Our district is a Google district and students will be using the Google suite of applications and forms. In addition to Safari - the native browser on the iPad - this browser may be preferred when accessing Google products. Students may find that some websites/programs are better accessed using a web browser rather than through an app.

Cost: Free