Hola! Bienvenidos a HMS otra vez! Es un año nuevo y un edificio nuevo (por los estudiantes de grado seis), con nuevas clases, profesores, y amigos! Estoy emocionada para ser tu profesora. Tenemos que aprender mucho, pero juntos! Aquí es un poco sobre mí... 

(Hello! Welcome back to school! It's a new year and a new building, with new classes, teachers, and friends (for sixth grade students)! I'm excited to be your teacher. We have so much to learn this year, but together! Here's a little bit about me...)

  • This is my fourth year as a sixth grade teacher at HMS, but I also taught a year at CHMS.
  • I teach sixth and seventh grade Spanish, but I have also taught 6th grade Enriched Language Arts (ELA) for several years. 
  • My favorite book is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I also love stories from the Medieval time period, especially myths about Merlin & King Arthur. 
  • I am obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies, the sci-fi show Doctor Who, and the Marvel Universe (#TeamCAP)
  • I attended college at DePaul University in Chicago to become a teacher, but I am still a student now! I have class once a week at Concordia University in River Forest to get my Master's Degree. 
  • I love to travel! In the next year I'll be traveling to Australia, and then I hope to visit Peru and India soon after! 
  • I have a cat named Shadow who is eighteen years old! She is just as adorable as when she was a kitten though she is also a little more grouchy (but that's what happens when you're 85 in cat years). She lives with Mr. and Mrs. Brough (my parents) 
  • I also have a cat of my own who lives with me! Her name is Guinevere (Guin for short). I got her from Hinsdale Humane Society in October of 2015. She is very energetic and sassy and likes to stare at me until she gets what she wants, which is usually a toy or a treat! 

  • This is my "roommate" Winnie with my cat Guin! Winnie is a pit bull/lab mix and just over two years old. She and Guinevere are BFFs. 

Ms. Brough's availability for extra help or making up tests/quizzes/activities

Before School:
Monday (7:45 - 8:15)
Tuesday (7:45 - 8:15)
Thursday ((7:45 - 8:15)
Friday (7:45 - 8:15)

After School:
Tuesday (3:15-3:45)
Thursday (3:15-3:45)

Lunch Time Availability
6th grade: Monday - Thursday (Quiet Lunch, Semester 1)
7th grade: By appointment

Proper Heading: 

First/Last name                                                                          Class Period 

Due Date of Assignment                                                             Assignment Name

                                                    TITLE OF PAPER (if needed) 


Srta. Brough                                                                              Hora 4 

25/8/15                                                                                    Proyecto de "ser"
                                           La Persona Famosa: JK Rowling

Grades Breakdown: 
- Summative Assessment (40%): These are assessments, either tests or projects or presentations, that occur at the end of a unit or chapter that shows the overall gain and production of knowledge

- Formative Assessment (40%): These are assessments, usually quizzes, smaller projects, and informal speaking opportunities, that help guide teaching and learning, as well as to identify strengths and areas of growth. 

- Homework (15%): Though considered a formative assessment, homework is its own category because it will at times be taken as a completion grade or as an accuracy grade. Nightly homework is assigned with a clear purpose for practice of concepts learned in class, or is part of a longer process of preparing for formative assessment (ex: studying for a quiz), or a summative assessment (ex: working on a project, practicing for a presentation). 

Class Updates

  • A quick overview... Here is a quick overview of what we work on in sixth grade and seventh grade Spanish this school year!Spanish - 6thTechnology Resources: Quizlet Duolingo (available via app and ...
    Posted Jun 8, 2016, 9:27 AM by Lisa Brough
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