Come to experience the magic and mystery that the plants and 

animals who reside here already know. 

Step softly with a silent voice. 

Eyes and ears wide open.

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It has been found that it is not what children know about nature. It is what happens to them when they are in nature that makes the real impact.

Originally named the ‘Living Classroom,’ the purpose was “to connect children with nature.” A series of gardens was built to give children the in nature experience and directly address what is known as "nature deficit disorder." It was desired to create an authentic learning environment for students to apply their skills and natural curiosity. Through the efforts of teachers, parents, and community members, the Living Classroom became reality in October 1994. In the decades since, hundreds of Monroe students have experienced the magic and mystery of this special space.

Four gardens comprise what is now called the Living Classroom Learning Lab:

Butterfly Garden, Prairie, Pond, and George Washington Vegetable Garden. Comprehensive K-5 curriculum aligned to both the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core provides experiences for Observation, Measuring, Literature Connections, Planting and Harvesting, and Research. These themes run through K-5 curriculum specially designed for the Living Classroom Learning Lab.