Welcome to District 181 Kindergarten       

Starting school is a big step for your child and your whole family.  It’s a wonderful and exciting experience, but it also means a big change for you and your child.  Getting off to a good start is a team effort between teachers, administrators, specialists, and parents.  Together we will work to nurture your child’s academic and social development.

Our District 181 Kindergarten classrooms are nurturing learning environments which focus on educating the whole child.   Our curriculum will encourage emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth.  We believe a balance among these areas is essential, so that no one phase of development will be neglected or over-emphasized. 

Our kindergarten curriculum meets our district and state guidelines. It is designed to help each child build a strong educational foundation and develop a positive attitude towards school. The curricular areas are language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and social emotional learning.  

Each kindergarten classroom is designed so that:

    the curriculum is developmentally appropriate, child centered, and integrated.

    the focus is on the “whole child”.

    individual differences are recognized.

    “hands on” and play based learning are valued.

    numerous cooperative learning experiences are provided.

    guidelines for behavior are clearly set.

    an emotionally safe environment is provided.

Since children develop at different rates through a series of stages, they need time to learn and grow.  Kindergarten is a journey, not a race.  We focus on experiences that reward curiosity, thought, and imagination. Three times a year you will receive a written report of your child’s progress in kindergarten.  In addition, there is one formal parent/teacher conference scheduled in the fall.  Your child’s growth and development will be continually monitored through daily observations and interactions.