"Differentiation can be defined as a way of teaching in which teachers proactively modify curriculum, teaching methods, resources, learning activities, and student products. The needs of individual students and/or small groups of students are addressed to maximize the learning opportunity for each student in the classroom."

— Tomlinson, et al.

What does a Differentiation Specialist (DS) do?

Differentiation Specialists support teachers and all students at each building within D181.  We share differentiation strategies with teachers, plan collaboratively with teachers to meet the needs of all learners, suggest ideas and provide feedback, and develop differentiated materials and lessons to use in the classroom.  On an as needed basis and to help students achieve their learning goals, the DS teachers might co-teach with classroom teachers or work with kids in small groups, as a whole class, or one-on-one.  Basically, a Differentiation Specialist supports increased student achievement by working with students in a variety of ways, collaborating with teachers, and facilitating professional development.

Meet the D181 Differentiation Specialists
                    Elm School                                        Madison School                                    Monroe School

                    Oak School                                        Prospect School                                    The Lane School

                                                                                        Walker School